Dark Rose (darkrose) wrote in fgials,
Dark Rose

Purpose of this group..

This is a private group. All or nearly all posts will be of the friends only persuasion so if you want to see 'em you have to join.

Q: What is the purpose of this community?
A: I'm sorry, that's classified. If you are qualified to join the community, you will know the purpose.

Q: What is a FGIALS?
A: That too is classified. If you are qualified to join the group, you will know what a FGIALS is.

Q: How do I join the group?
A: You must have at least one person who is already in the community petition to the community for your admittance. Again, this is an exclusive community.

Q: Why can't I just join?
A: Because we don't like you. Go away.
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